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How can we help you?

A solution for every linguistic need:

Document translation and localization

Editing and proofreading

Interpreting and conference services


High quality translation in a wide range of languages

German ◈ Hebrew ◈ English ◈ Arabic ◈ Russian ◈ French ◈ Spanish ◈ Portuguese ◈ Italian
Dutch ◈ Greek ◈ Turkish ◈ Amharic ◈ Chinese ◈ Japanese ◈ Thai
Korean ◈ Swedish ◈ Norwegian ◈ Danish ◈ Romanian ◈ Hungarian ◈ Bulgarian ◈ Ukrainian, and more

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Expertise in:

Telecommunications, Computers and software, Law and patents,
Business and economics, Finance, insurance and real estate

Legal translation

Contracts and agreements, statements of claim, statements of defense, mergers and acquisitions, judgments, probate, taxation, laws, class actions,
intellectual property / patents and more.

Medical translation

Medical records, diagnoses
and opinions, studies and articles in the fields of medicine, biology, biotechnology and more.

Business translation

Financial statements, insurance policies, appraisals, business plans, company registration and incorporation documents, marketing materials and more.

Translation of documents in infrastructure

Natural resources, minerals and mining, electricity, oil and gas, environmental impact studies and more.

Translation of documents in education and social affairs

Education administration, educational approaches, curricula, case studies, newsletters of educational organizations and funds and more.

Simultaneous interpreting and Consecutive interpreting

Interpreting services for conferences and gatherings, business meetings, court hearings, courses and seminars, etc. Provision of simultaneous interpreting and sound systems.

Why choose us?

Translation Center Europe. is a translation services company, in business since 1992.

Over the years, the company built up a wide clientele base in Switzerland and around the world that markets the company's translation services to the European market.
Since its inception, the company has acquired a reputation that is unquestioned in the market for professional translation services. The company is highly regarded and trusted by its clients who return again and again to handle all their translation needs.

We, at Translation Center Europe, make extensive use of computer technologies and international networks to optimize the translation process. Along with our know-how and capability, the right tools and effectively managing the best talent available, we can provide the best professional translation for our clients.

Our vast accumulated experience in the field of translation has made us an innovative and leading provider of translation services in a wide variety of languages, disciplines and often under very tight deadlines.


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Company vision

Out of our vision and understanding that the client's needs take precedence over all considerations, we, at Translation Center Europe,
have adopted the highest work ethic and standards of professional service, which we make sure to implement in every stage of the translation process.

Extensive experience in the field, dedication to service that aims to provide solutions that go beyond translation itself, constantly striving to improve service, priority to assurance of quality, 24/6 availability, and consideration to each and every client's special needs and requirements – all these define who we are
and single us out as a language services provider.

In addition, we make sure to maintain the confidentiality of documents sent to us and to handle them with the appropriate care.
Our goal is to provide all the translation needs of our clientele and help them more effectively manage their multi-lingual projects and business affairs.
We are careful to nurture the relationship of trust between us and our clients out of an understanding that this is a key contributor
to the professional quality of the final outcome.

How much does it cost?
Best value for money
The prices we offer are highly competitive and attractive. Your quote will include our handling of all stages of the translation and review process.

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Quality control

Our responsibility is to produce the highest quality translation in a manner that will exceed expectations.
Translation is a field in which quality management is essential to an immeasurable degree, as a single seemingly innocuous inaccuracy can lead to misunderstanding or misinterpretation of great consequence.

Therefore, in addition to selecting the best possible team for each project, we undertake additional stringent measures for the assurance of translation quality.
Every translated document undergoes review by our translator of course after the translation stage plus separate careful inspection by a linguist editor and proofreader, which guarantees that the translation is checked for completeness and accuracy and avoidance of errors in all respects.

Our quality assurance process is designed to ensure the highest levels of service, professionalism, quality, attention to detail.
Thus, translated documents delivered by us reach our clients at the highest and most uncompromising level of quality ensuring that our clients are satisfied and return to us repeatedly.

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